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Sekwa Institute of Medicine was incorporated in 2003 by a group of academic medical professionals in Beijing. The institute was set up with an overriding mission to contribute to the improvement of the quality of diagnostic services in China through the development of Public Private Partnership (PPP)  in the Chinese ongoing efforts of Healthcare Reform. The initiative is seen as pioneering in its approach. Although the initial focus was within healthcare related to eye disease (Ophthalmology),  the overriding mission is to contribute in improving quality standards in medical service provision by  incorporating high quality research and evaluation of international standard as the core working philosophy. >>> more

Our Vision:

  • Every person deserves the highest quality of the concurrent health care.

Our Mission:

  • To assist medical professionals for their best clinical practice...

Our Work:

Currently, Sekwa Institute of Medicine is composed of the following institutes and centers:

  • Sekwa Eye Institute & Hospital
  • Beijing Research Institute of Vision Science
  • Sekwa Institute of Diabetes
  • CDS Laboratory

Sekwa Institute of Medicine provides its services in global range through the following professional partnerships and organizational activities.