Sekwa Eye Institute & Hospital


In December of 2003, through determined efforts by the founders and support of  well-wishers,  the company was awarded the license for establishing a Grade III specialized Eye Hospital  in the Xicheng (Western) district of Beijing by Beijing's Xicheng District Health Bureaus.

The Sekwa Eye Hospital was formally established in March of 2004 at the old premises of the Descheng Community Hospital now the Descheng Community Health Service Centre.  Soon after, the hospital was relocated to temporary facilities east of the Beijing Normal University. 

From its establishment at the Descheng Hospital the founders of Sekwa engaged the leadership of Descheng Community Health Service System by supporting their community outreach work and established a cooperation for the Systematic Screening of Diabetes Patients that included a cross sectional study of diabetes and its complications as related to eye disease (Beijing Diabetes & Diabetic Retinopathy Study:  Early Diagnosis and Long Term Complications).  The main aim of the program was to give a basis for the development of a framework for service provision in the early detection of Diabetes Complications as part of the Chinese Community Healthcare Reform.  The project gained international recognition through a Norwegian Research Council (International Research Development Grant) as well as national science grants  (973 Research Program) from Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

The hospital has been moved to the current location in Center City Beijing in 2016.

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