CDS Laboratory

 for next-generation of Clinical Documentation System


The R&D Laboratory of Clinical Documentation System (CDS Laboratory) is a clinic-and-hospital-based facility for the research and development of a common clinical documentation and achiving system, named MedLink.

With the understanding and faith that any clinical documentation should follow the same basic roles of clinical practice, the purpose for establishing such a facility is to find out the right and the best approaches of clinical documentation to support the best clinical practice at all levels of medical institutions at the global range.

It is understood that a proper clinical documentation system should follow the following basic roles:

  1. Any clinical phenomena and process should be documented.
  2. The clinical information shuold be documented in an objective, logical, effective and efficient manner with integrity, accuracy, and clarity.
  3. All the information documented (the documentary evidence, or documents) should be traceable and extractible in an effective way and therefore could be easily used for supporting quality clinical practice, research of clinical medicine, and research and services for public health.

The main objectives of CDS Lab include the following:

A. The development of CDS framework (CDS Basic)

The fundamental function of CDS include,

  1. the full functions for information collection, documentation, storage, and extraction;
  2. the full function to support clinical practice with clear, logical infrastructure and interface , easy for clinical practice and quality control supports for clinical practice.
  3. the capability of continuing development and improvement of the functionality to meet the changing needs of modern clinical practice.  

B. The development of modules or applications for supporting quality clinical practice

These modules or applications for supporting quality clinical practice might be generally named as CDS Tools, including the following,

  1. CDS-based independent third-party services for quality control of clinical documentation;
  2. CDS-based independent third-party services for quality control of clinical practice;
  3. CDS-based independent third-party services for clinical image diagnosis;
  4. CDS-based continuing patient care services and personal health care management;
  5. CDS-based joint clinical practice;
  6. Evidence-based general clinical decision supporting system;
  7. Experience-based personal clinical decision supporting system;
  8. Data extraction for clinical and public health research.

C. Open-source-based partnership developments

  1. The shared development and maintenance of CDS basic framework service;
  2. Open-source-based partnership development for advanced CDS tools.



MedLink: the Clinical Documentation System