Beijing Research Institute of Vision Science

Research & Service for Vision Care...


In 2009 Sekwa formed a cooperation with the Beijing Disabled Person Federation, and later China Disabled Persons Federation, for the development of a Visual Rehabilitation Program. The initiative has received technical support from a Norwegian company named Provista Innovation and  together financial support from Innovation Norway. In 2015, the cooperation was named as Beijing Research Institute of Vision Science (BRIVS).

The main aim of BRIVS is to develop research and development frameworks for service provision in vision health care and vision rehabilitation in the country. 

The institute currently is working in the following aspects:

  1. Vision Care, focusing on research of vision care in clinical practice;
  2. Vision Rehabilitation Research, focusing on research, training and quality control supportive service for the institutions in vision rehabilitation service.
  3. Vision Health Screening and Management Program for Children, focusing on facilitating primary health care institutions and educational institutions in vision health screening and health management.
  4. Research & Service in General Design in Vision Health for Construction and Environment, focusing on research and service in general design in vision for construction and environment.