About Us


Sekwa Institute of Medicine (Sekwa) was incorporated under the name of Sekwa Health Service Development Group on December 26, 2003 by a group of key academic medical professionals from the Departments of Ophthalmology of the Peking Union Medical College and Hospital and the Beijing Capital Medical University and Tongren Hospital.

The company was set up with an overriding mission to contribute to the improvement of the quality of diagnostic services in China through the development of Public Private Partnership (PPP)  in the Chinese ongoing efforts of Healthcare Reform. The initiative is seen as pioneering in its approach and, although the initial focus was within healthcare related to eye disease (Ophthalmology),  the overriding mission is to contribute in improving quality standards in medical service provision by  incorporating high quality research and evaluation of international standard as the core working philosophy.

In September of 2015 a suitable 4800 sq meter building complex was identified at the center city area, Western District of Beijing. The comlex was refurbished as a modern multifunction Health Service Complex in November 2016, include the Specialized Eye Hospital and a Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Primary Care Clinic. This will serve as the permanent specialized diagnostic and treatment facility and headquarter for health service support activities of the Sekwa Group.